Airtable → BaseDash

Sync Inc turns Airtable into a Postgres database that works natively with BaseDash.

With a couple clicks, you'll be querying, graphing, and sharing your Airtable data in BaseDash.

What is Sync Inc?

Sync Inc provisions a read-only Postgres database that is in sync with all your Airtable data. Any change you make in Airtable flows through to your Sync Inc database in real time.

As a standard Postgres database, a Sync Inc database works natively with BaseDash's Postgres adapter.

What can I do in BaseDash?

With your Airtable data in BaseDash, your team can work with your Airtable data in new ways:

✍️ Query with SQL

JOIN, UNION, and SELECT your data from across your Airtable base with SQL. Save views and share them with your team.

📊 Graph your data

Instantly visualize your Airtable data with charts and graphs to help your team get the picture.

📤 Share with your team

With easy link sharing and fine-grained permissions, you can share your views and graphs with confidence.

Get started now

  1. Create a Sync Inc account.
  2. Connect your Airtable base to Sync Inc.
  3. Connect your Sync Inc database to BaseDash as a standard Postgres database.