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In a couple minutes, you'll be using Airtable in an entirely new way.

What is Sync Inc?

Sync Inc replicates Airtable to a Postgres database, giving you the best of both worlds.

Getting started resources

Start querying your Airtable base with SQL in 2 minutes with our quickstart guide. In that guide, you'll:

  1. Connect Sync Inc to your Airtable base.
  2. Connect to your new Sync Inc database.
  3. Query your Airtable data.

Then take a look at our cheat sheet to breeze through your first Airtable `SELECT`, `JOIN`, and `UNION` queries (and more).

How Sync Inc works

You might be asking, "what does sync have to do with SQL?"

Well, we sync your entire Airtable base to a Postgres follower database hosted on AWS.

Then, behind the scenes, we do all the hard work to keep all your Airtable data in sync with your database in real-time.

For now, your data is read-only. No `INSERT` or `UPDATE` (yet).

Questions and support

Our docs won't be able to cover everything, so if you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out through Intercom on the bottom left. We'd love to hear what you're building.

Why sync Airtable to a database?

Syncing your data to a follower database has several benefits:

  1. All your data: In one database, you'll have access to all the data in your Airtable base (it's yours after all!)
  2. Uncompromising SQL: Access all the power of SQL running directly on a Postgres database. No brittle interpreter in the middle.
  3. Ready to integrate: With a standard Postgres database hosted in AWS you can connect to your data in every way you're used to.

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